Greatest photographs of all time.

Great photography is an art which can capture a moment where endless hours of video will never be able to. The right photograph taken at the exact moment is able to freeze the time forever and makes that memory immortal. There have been a number of great photographers that have spent their lifetime to capture that one perfect picture. There have been countless photographs and hundreds of hours that photographers spend to capture the picture of a lifetime. Below are some of the greatest photographs of all time that have been regarded as hugely influential in the overall field of photography with each photograph capturing the moment at its finest.

Greatest photographs:

  1. A Galactic Tennis Ball:

Tennis ball

Credit: Abhijeet Kumar

  1. Celebration of 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founder:

North Korean crowd

Credit: IIlya Pitalev

  1. Volcanic Eruption in Iceland:

Lightning dust

Credit: Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson

  1. An eagle soaring over a lake in Canada

Eagle soaring

Credit: Fred Jones.

  1. Forests without end, Russia

Endless forest

Credit: Ivan Letokhin

  1. Westerdok District, Amsterdam

Aerial city

Credit: AirPano

  1. A Great Reunion:

A reunion

Credit: Twipz Biswas

  1. Holiday village near Arkhangelsk, Russia

Village in Europe


Credit: Fedor Savintsev

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